Academic Impostor Syndrome

by Justin Esarey

This is a little outside my usual blogging oeuvre, but I saw an article in the Chronicle that I really think is worth a read:

It’s something that strongly spoke to my experience as an academic.

Methodologists are often required to demonstrate the utility of our method by using it to critique existing research. But I think we should all try our best to assume that other researchers are smart, honest, and well-meaning people; that we are engaged in a collective enterprise to understand our world; and that when criticisms come, they come from a position of respect and with the goal of understanding, not to “one-up” somebody or win a competition.

I have no idea how empirically accurate that description is, but it’s the kind of science that I want to do and I’m sticking with it on the theory that one should embody what they wish to see in the world.